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Jurgen Scharkosi

Founder and Chairman of Maritime Leisure Group

The Maritime Leisure Group was established 1989 in Salzburg, Austria. Branch offices in London-UK, St Petersburg-Russia and Limassol-Cyprus provide the support for up to 8 vessels and 1,400 employees.

Member companies of the group: 

  • Maritime Hotel Management - Onboard Services
  • Maritime Hotel Academy - Skills and Management training
  • Maritime Productions - Entertainment
  • Maritime Hotel Personnel - Human Recources Management
  • Maritime Trading - Ship Supplies

The sizes of the vessels managed by Maritime Leisure range from 100 passengers to 1,800 passengers, onboard cruise ships, cruise ferries and river ships.

During the consolidation period in the cruise industry and the following recession in 2008, Maritime Leisure aborted onboard management activities and focussed on the development of a supply chain management business in the Middle East: www.deliopolis.com and www.eurabia-me.com 

facebook: EURABIA  and the newest addition: HomariumLIVE








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1989     The Institute of Maritime Hotel Management was founded in Salzburg Austria by Jurgen Scharkosi and a consortium of Academic Specialists. Situated on the campus of the Klessheim School of Tourism, one of the most prestigious tourism schools in Europe, it made the name as the first open school for hotel employees in the cruise industry.

1991     This year marks the foundation of the Maritime Leisure Group. The Institute of Maritime Hotel Management was awarded the title of Maritime Hotel Academy, and the Maritime Hotel Management GMBH was formed and commenced its service subsidiaries of the Maritime Holding GMBH.

              In 1991, the Maritime Hotel Academy also launched the Maritime Hotel Conference, which eventually became an international player in the maritime conference business until it was sold to Lloyd’s of London in 2001.

1994     Maritime Hotel Management was awarded a contract to convert a 750 bed cruise ship into a floating hotel for St Petersburg, Russia. The project included refitting for hotel ops and all 500 international crew was to be replaced by Russian nationals within a 4 months period. The ready hotel was opened with a ceremony by then Deputy Mayor of St Petersburg Mr Vladimir Putin, now president of Russia.

             Following this, the Maritime Hotel Academy opened a subsidiary in St Petersburg, which was maintained until 2005.

1998     Maritime Hotel Management signed a contract with Thomson Holidays, then largest tour operator in the UK, for the operation of a 1200 passenger vessel on first large scale all-inclusive basis in the industry. In addition, Maritime developed the first “rolling seating” concept for cruise vessels with two sittings, which later was adopted by several cruise lines, amongst them Norwegian Cruise Line, who marketed it with the “Freestyle” brand.

2001     Maritime Hotel Academy signs a contract with the Changjiang Shipping Corporation and the Chinese Government for the establishment of a Maritime Hotel Academy in Wuhan, China and the operation of river cruise vessels on the Yangtze River.

2001     Maritime Leisure Ltd was formed and opened an office at the Lloyds Building in London City.

2002     Contracts commenced with the Scottish Executive for the operation of the three Northlink Ferries and the 34,000 GRT Norrona from Smyril line. All four vessels were newbuildings and therefore start-up operations. For the three Northlink Vessels, Maritime Hotel Management was accountable for the entire onboard operation, including Navigation, Engineering, Hotel and Catering.

2002     Maritime Leisure Ltd purchased the Scottish tour operator Orkney & Shetland Touring Company and expanded operations.

2002     Maritime Hotel Academy was awarded the contract for product design, recruiting and training Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship innovation “Island Escape” with 1,800 passengers and 800 crew.

2004     Jurgen Scharkosi got elected as a board member of Salzburg University’s international MBA programme for tourism.

2005     The cruise industry experienced a major consolidation, which was topped with the acquisition of P&O / Princess Cruises by the Carnival Corporaten, who then owned 65% of cruise lines world wide, another 30% were owned by Royal Caribbean and Star cruises/NCL.

2006     Most of Maritime Leisure companies were sold to various private parties and the income thereof reserved to invest into new ventures.

2007     Eurabia Dubai was founded

2008     Deliopolis Qatar was founded


2013     Jurgen Scharkosi resigns from the position of Managing Director at Deliopolis in order to focus on shipping activities. He remains a as a shareholder at Deliopolis and continues supporting the business.